The ‘Complete Backcheck’ has long been a benchmark for pre-employment screening in the UK. In certain industries, the Complete Backcheck reveals red flags on 60% of applicants. By working with a partner such as Sterling Talent Solutions and adopting a solution which integrates multiple screening tools you can be more confident of avoiding the costly consequences of a bad hiring mistake.

Comprehensive Solutions to Provide Increased Screening Effectiveness

Each of the individual searches will provide valuable security as part of the hiring process, but the combination of key screening solutions will give you a more accurate picture of who you’re really hiring.

A ‘Complete Backcheck’ Will Include:

Criminal Record Check

  • Protect your employees, customers and shareholders
  • Basic, Standard and Enhanced Disclosures available
  • Registered body and agent with DBS, Disclosure Scotland and AccessNI

Employment & Activity Verification

  • Verify dates of employment, positions held, and reason(s) for leaving directly from payroll and Human Resources records
  • All information obtained is cross-referenced with claims on candidate consent forms
  • We know how, when, and who to contact for timely results

Education Verification

  • Verify the candidate’s highest level of education directly with listed institutions
  • Uncover if the candidate is honest, skilled and qualified for the position
  • We know how, when, and who to contact for timely results

Reference Interviews

  • A consistent, auditable, high quality process
  • Eliminate the chance of ‘telephone tennis’ as professional reference interviewers are available during extended business hours
  • Consistent, auditable, highly quality process

Credit Enquiry with Electoral Roll and ID Verification

  • Reveal financial pressures – “Desperate people may do desperate things.”
  • Repossessions may indicate irresponsibility
  • Uncover history of County Court Judgments and bankruptcies

Right to Work Document Verification

  • Verify the authenticity of a document through visual analysis, and compare the document ID number against official algorithms and databases
  • Supplement the Right to Work document checks that an employer is advised to carry out on all prospective employees
  • Avoid fines of up to £20,000 for employing illegal immigrants

Let’s talk today and help us to create a program that best suits your hiring needs.