Social Media Searches to Help Your Candidate Stand Out

Most of your candidates are using social media to share information about themselves with the world. Some of this public information can help your candidate stand out in the crowd and can even validate your hiring decision. The challenge employers face is finding the time to search through all of this information on a simple and consistent basis.

Many employers turn to us to conduct these types of searches on your behalf, quickly weeding through the minutiae and highlighting the information that matters to you. And most importantly, we do so in full compliance of the UK Data Protection Act as well as the Employment Practices Code.

Other benefits to using Sterling Talent Solutions for Social Media Searches include:

  • Fast – our reports generally delivered in as little as 72 hours
  • Thorough and efficient – our advanced deep-web technology combs thousands of sites for relevant content, excluding non-user generated content
  • Convenient – this type of search does not require additional candidate consent
  • Global reach – social medias searches cover publically available content for applicants worldwide
  • Two search types:
    • A ‘Character Search’ includes negative behaviours a candidate may exhibit online by scouring all publically available content (excludes non-user generated content)
    • A ‘Reputation Search’ provides a 360 degree view of a candidate’s reputation by searching all publically available online content (excludes non-user generated content)

Contact us today to find out how Social Media searches allow you to hire with confidence.