Ensuring Your Employees Have the Legal Right to Work

Failure to ensure your employees actually have the right to work in the UK can lead to heavy penalties and fines. As part of our eligibility and residency verification we perform a visual analysis of both the physical and logical components of the ID documents, as well as checking reference numbers against official algorithms and databases to ensure their validity.

The Right to Work Document Verification service from Sterling Talent Solutions:

  • Delivers a consistent, auditable, and high quality process
  • Provides best practice methodology
  • Supplements and validates results of your internal investigations
  • Managed by a dedicated team of experts with resources to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements

Last Year, 16,500 fraudulent applications for passports were received by the Identity and Passport Service.

Helping You to Remain Compliant

Sterling’s Right to Work Document Verification service helps to guide employers on best practice, as well as to supplement their own investigations. By law, the liability ultimately lies with the employer, and not with any third party acting on their behalf.

By offering guidance instantly online, by email or phone, and by issuing results online and in real-time via a secured microsite we’re able to offer a typical turnaround time of 1-2 business days.

Contact us now to discuss your Right to Work verification needs.