Verifying Candidate History From the Source

Some dishonest candidates will inevitably bend the truth or outright lie on their CV in an effort to impress a prospective employer. Employment and Activity Verifications from Sterling Talent Solutions collect factual information about your candidate’s work history directly from the source – Human Resources and Payroll. We compare Information on previous positions held, dates of employment and reasons for leaving and cross-reference them with details provided by your candidate for an invaluable view of their work experience and honesty.

Why Customers Choose Sterling Talent Solutions

  • Unbiased information directly from Payroll or Human Resources
  • Identification of activity gaps in a CV or job application
  • Comparison with information obtained through reference interviews
  • Compliant with industry requirements and guidelines
  • A consistent and auditable process
  • Online, real-time results within 3 to 5 business days

We act as an extension of your HR Department meaning you can dedicate time to other important issues, while our proprietary database of employment verification policies reduces turnaround time.

Avoid Proof of Consent Delays

Many companies now require proof of consent to release employment information, and our verifications teams are able to instantly and securely deliver it on demand, ensuring we get the answers you’re looking for the first time we contact them. We know how, who and when to contact and as such can be relied upon to obtain results and deliver them to you as soon as possible.

Mind the ‘Activity’ Gap

Some candidates will choose not disclose a period of negative employment on their CV by falsifying dates and assume that employers will never be contacted to verify periods of employment. Sterling’s Activity Verification service aims to combat this issue by integrating a variety of verification techniques to establish a timeline for the candidate, highlighting any prolonged gaps in their professional or academic history which may conceal an instance that your candidate would prefer you knew nothing about.

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