Speedy and Reliable Verification of Financial Responsibility

Implementing credit enquiries as part of a screening process can provide employers with a valuable indication of a candidate’s sense of responsibility and financial track record. Sterling Talent Solutions’ credit enquiry with electoral roll and ID verification service can match ID against multiple sources.

In addition to providing proof of identity, the credit enquiry will disclose any County Court Judgments, bankruptcies, administration orders, and insolvencies present on an individual’s credit file.

Benefits of Choosing Sterling Talent Solutions

  • Online, real-time results within 1 business day
  • 4 hour rush option available
  • Conducted by our expert, UK-based based team
  • Compliant with industry requirements and guidelines

Avoiding Risk With Candidate Credit Enquiries

If a prospective candidate is in poor financial shape, there may be an increased likelihood that they will commit internal theft. In a recent study, the CIPD found that around 40% of workers have concerns about making ends meet or having enough money for day-to-day spending. It’s now more important than ever to check the financial background of your recruits.

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