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Building an effective, reliable employment screening program is business critical to many organisations, but it takes time and expertise to get it right.

Sterling Talent Solutions is a global industry leader and our ability to access high volumes of data and analyse trends in background screening allows us to conduct meaningful research which is valued across the industry. We regularly publish White Papers by industry experts on emerging trends and issues impacting the search and recruitment of top talent.

Whether you are setting up an employment screening programme for the first time, or you are an experienced programme manager, our White Papers and other background screening resources are here to help you.

Background Checks 2018: UK Trends & Best Practices Report

Background Checks 2018: UK Trends & Best Practices Report

Exclusive Research: Explore background check trends, common challenges and barriers as well as tips from our experts to help you compare, measure and improve your pre-employment screening programme.

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Background Screening Considerations for the GDPR

Background checks can involve significant personal data processing, so complete adoption of GDPR compliance is crucial. Our checklist includes key items to consider with regards to your background screening programme.

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Background Screening in the UK: Best Practices to Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Background checks provide great insight to make informed hiring decisions. Explore our report on the most common checks, what they entail and practical considerations that may improve your screening programme.

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Background Screening Policy Considerations in the United Kingdom

Creating an employment background screening program can seem complex. Explore our checklist for items to consider when creating your employee background check policy.

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Screen Now, Save Later

Explore some of the ways that employers and recruiters can ensure they hire the right people and protect their staff, customers and business.

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Background Screening for a Global Workforce

Explore best practices for screening job candidates in foreign countries and those who have lived, studied or worked internationally.

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How to Calculate Your ROI in Background Screening: The True Cost and Financial Rewards

Calculate your ROI in background screening to figure out how much your program is actually worth.

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Age of the Millennials: 6 Tips for Screening an Emerging Generation

Millennials account for one quarter of the UK population and a large percentage of the UK workforce. Explore the six best practices to improve their screening processes and minimise legal risk.

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How to Avoid a Bad Hire

Explore the risks associated with poor hiring decisions and steps you can take to avoid the dreaded bad hire.

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Exclusive: Background Screening Trends & Best Practices Report

Explore background screening trends, common challenges and barriers as well as tips from our experts to help you compare, measure and improve your programme.

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