With pressure to fill positions quickly to avoid losing scarce, qualified applicants, it can be easy to omit reference interviews or take a candidate’s CV claims at face value. Because healthcare professionals work directly with vulnerable persons, many of whom are children or elderly, thorough background checks are a necessity. Every patient and visitor deserves to know that their healthcare provider is qualified, safe, and reliable.

Delivering a Trusted Screening Service for Healthcare Professionals

Sterling Talent Solutions has invested significant resources to hire and train professional interviewers who use our world-class technologies to deliver timely, accurate information.

Risk Based Screening Approach

Sterling Talent Solutions provides customised packages which can be tailored to specific roles and risk profiles in the healthcare sector. Whether you’re hiring janitorial / foodservice staff or a more senior consultant, we have a screening package to suit and will help to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and other industry regulations.

Multi-Site Support, with Regional Coordination

Sterling’s Implementation Team will design a reporting plan to deliver the right information to the right hiring managers, recruitment officers, or security team members. Take advantage of our multi-tier, secure online reporting platform.

International Checks on Applicants from abroad

Sterling Talent Solutions has the capacity and experience to process employee references, criminal reference checks and qualification verifications from foreign candidates.

For Healthcare Organisations, Sterling’s Screening Services Include: