Government and Public Sector

Government and Public Sector agencies have specific needs when it comes to detailed, thorough, accurate, and timely information about candidates to fulfil local and national regulations. Sterling Talent Solutions has a wealth of experience in partnering with government agencies and fully understands the importance of delivering employment screening programmes that include appropriate consent and privacy considerations. We also offer the reassurance that information will be handled perfectly every time – from privacy and secure storage, to timeliness and accuracy.

Tailored Screening Solutions to Improve Hiring Effectiveness in the Public Sector

Thorough background checking reduces turnover and hiring costs, improves the quality of hire, and is an important part of satisfying hiring regulations for working within government and the public sector. A partner such as Sterling Talent Solutions can fulfil each of these requirements, while minimising costs and providing quick turnaround results.

For Government and Public Sector Agencies, Sterling’s Screening Services Include: