Industry Aviation

Risk associated with the employment of those working for airside services has come under great scrutiny, as the safety and security of the employer, staff and public has become paramount.

The security criteria defined by the 1990 Aviation and Maritime Security Act states that individuals who wish to work unescorted in restricted areas at an airport must be screened to a specific standard – a standard which Sterling’s Airside Pass Screening package is designed to meet.

A Leading Provider to the Airside Industry

Organisations which operate at major airports in the UK and Europe are increasingly selecting Sterling Talent Solutions as their employee screening partner.

  • We’re experienced in meeting the differing screening demands of major airports in the UK and Europe
  • We conform to the strict regulations governing both BAA and independent airport groups
  • We supply clients with a fully verified dossier containing all the information needed to support the application to the relevant Airport ID centre

For Aviation & Airside Organisations, Sterling’s Screening Services Include: