Supporting Candidate Applications

While our clients partner with us to manage their pre-employment screening process, one of our major objectives is to provide a straight forward experience for the candidate and support them through this part of the application procedure.

Why Are You Being Asked for This Information?

Employers have a duty of care to check the backgrounds of prospective employees for the sake of their business, staff, clients and, in some cases, the public at large. For the employer, such checks provide the information necessary to make well-informed hiring decisions – information which can reduce the expense of re-hiring, re-training and avoid the possible reputational damage. For the candidate, it provides a straight forward opportunity to give background information to a prospective employer and potentially fast-track the application process.

What Is Econsent?

If you’re a candidate and you have found yourself here on the Sterling Talent Solutions website, the chances are that you have received an email asking you to complete your details as part of an application process. Our eConsent system is the online platform where candidates can submit information relating to career history, educational and professional qualifications, contacts for references and upload documents and I.D’s to support applications. Once completed, the eConsent form is submitted direct to the employer who will receive candidate information in one easy to view document. As part of the submission process candidates will be asked for their digital signature – Sterling Talent Solutions will not complete any services without the written consent of the individual concerned

How Secure Is Your Information?

All personal information is stored securely by Sterling Talent Solutions. Once candidate details are received and a background check has commenced, access to information is restricted to end-users in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Information is stored and maintained for a period of time as required for privacy legislation, audit purposes, and client requirements.

Accessing Your Data

Upon request, an individual will be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of his or her personal information and shall be given access to that information, except where it is not permitted by law. Should Sterling Talent Solutions receive a request relating to a background check conducted on behalf of a client, Sterling Talent Solutions, as a data processor, will notify the client (the data controller) and seek direction on how to handle the request.

For full details regarding access to personal information please see our privacy statement.

To contact us with questions relating to your personal data, please email